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REAL: Higher Education

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Higher education is vital for developing a skilled workforce, and is a driver of inclusive growth, but access to higher education in many of the world’s poorest countries remains extremely low. This is likely to relate in part to problems with access and quality in primary and secondary education. The research will, therefore, identify the relationship between prior achievement, social status and higher education participation.

In addition, we aim to support and promote policy-relevant research undertaken by African institutions as a means to strengthen the dissemination of such research.

teenage girl studentsAchieving Equity in Higher Education

Higher education is gaining momentum as a focal policy point in the international development agenda. Following its neglect in the Education for All framework and Millennium Development Goals, the post-2015 development goals includes a specific target on higher education, with a particular focus on achieving equality of access to higher education for all. Our research aims to assess the current state of higher education and prospects for the future, with a particular focus on extending equitable access. 

Bosch Mapping porject

Mapping Education Research in sub-Saharan Africa

In partnership with Education Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA), the REAL Centre is cataloguing, reviewing and synthesising policy-relevant education research conducted by researchers and institutions in Africa.

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