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Equality and Diversity

Asian woman PGCE student

Today's youth need to be exposed to the variety of nationalities found in our society, and what better way than having a teacher belonging to an ethnic minority group as a figure that children grow up being inspired by.

Black History Month 2017

The Faculty of Education really values the importance of top calibre teachers who reflect the diversity of society. We are therefore extremely proud to be working with the fantastic Black History Month to promote diversity in the teaching profession.

Student profile: Sema

To promote higher education amongst youngsters from ethnic minority background, we need top calibre teachers from similar backgrounds who could be emulated as great role models, so we particularly welcome applications from sections of the communities which are under represented in the teaching profession.

Teachers from a range of ethnicities can contribute to the achievement and morale of pupils belonging to different communities and backgrounds which in turn is likely to make an impact on future generations of ethnic communities.

It is believed that the experiences minority group teachers bring to their jobs will help them to be empathetic toward and skilled in crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries in a school context. In many areas of the country the number of ethnic minority pupils is rising in state schools. The Faculty of Education is very keen to take part in supporting initiatives to increase the number of trainee teachers from ethnic minorities.

The University may seem intimidating to some applicants but in reality staff at the Faculty are very approachable. We are keen to recruit able trainee teachers that reflect the diversity of society; what matters to us is admitting the best trainees, regardless of background, social or ethnic origin. Selection of all candidates is made on the basis of abilities, qualifications and experiences.

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