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Research students

CEDiR Research Students

Doctoral students are very important to CEDiR. They regularly attend CEDiR events and often play a key role in organising events, conferences, and leading reading group meetings.

CEDiR's doctoral students include:

  • Farah Ahmed
  • Annabel Ammodia-Bidakowska (PT PhD)
  • Meaghan Brugha (PT PhD)
  • Elisa Calcagni
  • Courtney Froehlig
  • Tristan Igglesden (EdD)
  • Laura Kerslake
  • Leonardo Lago
  • Ana Rubio
  • Sadia Shafquat
  • Derk Tiong
  • Ana Laura Trigo-Clapes
  • Toshi Tsuruhara

Around 20 others are CEDiR members.