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Faculty Members

CEDiR Faculty Members

The group is led by Sara Hennessy and Rupert Wegerif, with assistance from Louis Major. The CEDiR steering group also includes Farah Ahmed, Riikka HofmannRuth Kershner, Fiona Maine and Daniel Moulin-Stozek. Final Year PhD students Ana Laura Trigo-Clapes and Ana Rubio-Jimenez support CEDiR's communications and community activities.

Early career researchers, lecturers, senior lecturers, readers, professors and others based in the Faculty, wider University and beyond are also members of CEDiR. These include:

  • Ayesha Ahmed
  • Marisol Basilio
  • James Biddulph
  • Simon Brownhill
  • Pam Burnard
  • Vic Cook

  • Mark Dawes
  • Natalie Day
  • Pete Dudley
  • Mary Earl
  • Julia Flutter
  • Geoff Hayward

  • Linda Hargreaves
  • Carol Holliday
  • Christine Howe (emerita)
  • Lisa Lee
  • Yongcan Liu
  • Gosia Marschall
  • Colleen McLaughlin
  • Ros McLellan

  • Neil Mercer (emeritus)
  • Pascual Perez-Paredes
  • Fran Riga
  • Luke Rolls
  • Sue Swaffield
  • Alison Twiner
  • Paul Warwick
  • Steve Watson
  • Mark Winterbottom