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REAL: Research Students

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Faculty Research Students connected with the REAL Centre

Farah Ahmed: Pedagogy as Dialogue between Cultures: Exploring Halaqah: an Islamic dialogic pedagogy enabling shakhsiyah (personhood, autonomy, identity) development for Muslim children in a pluralist society.

Tim Archer: Education in Conflict: Masculinity, violence, and peace - Educating the 'peaceful warrior'.

Stephen Bayley: Unlocking Cognitive Competences in Resource-Poor Environments.

Jonathan Birtwell: Bridging the gap between secondary and tertiary education for aspiring refugee students in Malaysia.

Charleen Ning Chiong: An Inequitable Production of 21st-century Citizens? : The Case of Singapore.

Carly Christensen: Canadian Aboriginal special education: How does accessing special education influence the lives and identities of Ojibway secondary school students in and out of school?

Andrew Colley: The educational and social outcomes of young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) in England.

Kalifa Damani: The role of Educational technology in reducing socio-economic disadvantage through the development of academic-, civic-, and entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

Sophia M.D'Angelo: Conceptualising Teacher Professional Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: an in-depth look at Tanzania

Christine Ellison: Tackling regional inequality in Uganda’s education system. A critical assessment.

Rebecca Gordon: Exploring the impact of Microfinance provision on levels of girls’ enrolment and learning in education in rural India.

Thilal Halimah: An Exploratory Mixed-methods Research on the Resilience of Syrian Refugee Children Living in Jordan in the Context of Education.

Julia Hayes: Inclusive Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan: The experiences of children with disabilities.

Mona Jebril: Academic life under occupation: the impact on educationalists at Gaza's universities.

Aliya Khalid: Exploring the Influence of Maternal Education on School Access and Learning for Daughters: Experiences of Pakistani mothers.

Maria Khwaja: The political teacher: Classrooms as cultural sites of mobility and restraint.

Janice Kim: Unpacking the Role of Early Learning on Student Learning Outcomes: Evidence from National Reform of Pre-primary Education in Ethiopia

Pui Ki Patricia Kwok: The implementation of ”learner-centred” educational reform in Rwanda: Cultural issues and challenges.

Lauren Marston: An exploration into whether or not cash transfers conditioned on school attendance enable recipients to live better lives: lessons from Jamaica

Michael Meaney: The Future of Educational Inequity: MOOCs and Compounding Educational Disadvantage

Meghna Nag Chowdhuri: Primary school teachers' experiences of using innovative mathematics textbooks in Delhi, India.

Seema Nath: Education for Children with Disabilities in India - A case study to critically understand teaching and learning practices in schools that include all learners.

Arif Naveed: Schooling and social mobility in Pakistan.

Jwalin Patel: System determinants of teacher effectiveness for 'learning to live together'.

Hiba Salem: Education in Conflict-Affected Zones: Understanding the Experiences of Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

Sahar Shah: Educational leadership and School Improvement. Analyzing the role of gender in influencing leadership styles of secondary school head teachers within the context of Pakistan.

Deborah Spindelman: Exploring the impact of stunting and cognitive impairment on unmet learning needs among early-grade students.

Peter Sutoris: Cross-cultural scalability of education programs in South Asia.

Raymond Tangonyire: Exploring the Incorporation of the Leadership for Learning (LfL) Principles in Ghana: The Case of Two LfL Basic Schools in the Central Region.

Hannah Ware: Identifying priorities for children with SEND from first generation migrant families at special schools in England.

Lisa Walker: Equity and Achievement Dynamics in the Tanzanian Secondary School Classroom, An Explanatory Framework.

Joseph Watson: Change in learning outcomes amongst Zambian lower primary pupils: the influence of the iSchool programme.

Vicky Yiran Zhao: Can play reduce the disparities in social and emotional development? A focus on children with language difficulty in Britain and in India.

Asma Zubairi: The differences in the distribution, use and voice over resources between primary schools in poor and rich communities: a case study of Malawi using a political economy approach.

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