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REAL: Research Students

teacher in classroom, in from of chalk board with children holding their hands up to answer a question

Faculty Research Students connected with the REAL Centre

PhD Candidate Topic
Akihito Okuda "Secrets" of culture of peace and the United Nations: A multi-case study on the international project of culture of peace and its conceptual translation into the national education policy
Ali Ansari Evaluating the effectiveness of public private partnership programmes in education
Annabel Boud Aid-funded higher education scholarship programmes and the SDG 'leave no-one behind' principles: Access to Commonwealth scholarships for conflict-affected individuals in East Africa
Anub Mannaan Education and violence: A qualitative study of the educational experience of conflict-affected Kashmiri migrants in Mumbai for higher education
Basirat Razaq-Shuaib Educating children with neurodevelopmental disorders in a Nigerian context. Perspectives and lived experiences 
Basma Hajir Higher education, conflict and peacebuilding in Syria: A critical realist de-colonial enquiry
Bea Simpson Early childhood education in Uganda: Evaluating the impact on access, learning outcomes, and equity in a marketised provision model
Camilla Hadi Chaudhary How is inclusion understood in Pakistan’s national education system? A comparative analysis of policy and practitioners’ perspectives
Christine Ellison The role of Public Private Partnerships in expanding access to secondary education in Uganda
D. Tim Archer Methodologies to peace education with masculinity
Dina Fajardo-Tovar
The role of learning through play in Mexican government preschools: exploring teachers’ understandings and practices of learning through play in urban and rural settings.
Deborah Spindelman Early undernutrition and unmet learning needs: Exploring the relationship between stunting, cognition, and teacher perceptions of P1 students in the Northern region of Ghana
Domnick Okullo Exploring the perception of teachers and parents on the use of play-based pedagogy in early childhood education
Gabrielle Arenge Capturing the ‘spark’: Examining mechanisms and catalysts of pedagogic change in Botswana primary schools
Javiera Marfan Schools deciding the purpose of education: Policy enactment in a context of education reform hybridisation
Julia Hayes Educating Colombian children with disabilities in Escuela Nueva schools
Jwalin Patel Education for togetherness and harmony; Learning and teaching through lived experiences
Karol Mark Yee Assessing the impact of higher education expansion on inequality of access and outcomes in the Philippines
Laura Cashman Parental involvement in and perceptions of underperforming children's schooling and learning
Magali Romos The effect of public investment in higher education in access and retention of impoverished students based on institutional behaviour
Mansi Nanda School community interactions and children's learning: A case study design exploring teachers' views and perceptions in government schools in Sitapur, India
Manuel Kernen Health-promoting education-based interventions, gender, SRHR, access to education
Mélanie Gréaux Communication support for autistic children who grow up in multilingual and multicultural contexts: Evaluating the value of a WhatsApp knowledge-exchange programme for speech-language therapists practicing in India and the UK
Miriam Broeks Achieving greater equity: Exploring the factors driving educational inequalities affecting indigenous pupils in Peru through mixed methods research
Naomi Van Rijn Contextualising curricula of sub-Saharan African universities
Nomisha Kurian Child wellbeing in high-poverty settings, caring school climates and supportive teacher-child relationships
Ronald Omuthe Convergent mixed-method study on invincible contribution and potential of low-cost private schools in Spatio-temporal liminality of Humanitarian context
Patrick Montjourides The legitimacy of the SDG 4 agenda
Phoenix Kenney Impact of youth humanitarianism and civic organization on socio-economic mobility and inclusive policy development in Nepal post-2015 earthquake(s)
Priscilla Bretuo Making education inclusive: A critical analysis of socio-political interactions and innovative pedagogy in Complementary Basic Education in Ghana
Pui Ki Patricia Kwok The implementation of learner-centered pedagogy in Rwanda: Teachers as reflective mediators
Qilyu Hong The role of education in intergenerational mobility in China
Regina Guzman Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania: Agenda-setting and the politics of implementation
Rubaiya Murshed Investigating differences in outcomes across educational backgrounds: Empirical evidence from Bangladesh
Sabilah Eboo-Alwani Parenting in the pandemic: Unpacking the longitudinal effect of children's experiences of parenting on their own resilience as parents of young children during lockdown, including their ability to engage in their children's learning, play and development
Sangwoo Lee Intergenerational social mobility and the role of higher education
Seema Nath Practicing inclusive education in India : Taking the agenda forward
Smriti Khemka A study on the multidimensional aspects of inequalities among the Scheduled Castes and its impact on accessing Right to Education
Sophia D'Angelo Pedagogy and culture through the voices of teachers and students: Contextualising effective teaching and learning in primary schools of the Dominican Republic
Stephanie Nowack Exploring South African teachers’ perceptions and practices around learning through play for children with autism
Stephen Bayley Education for a changing world: A mixed-methods study of cognitive flexibility in Rwandan primary schools
Thilal Halimah An exploratory study on the resilience of Jordanian and Syrian refugee school children and young adults in different education settings in Jordan
Thilanka Wijesinghe Deaf primary school children in Sri Lanka: Perceptions, processes and practices of teaching and learning Sinhala reading - writing skills
Vicky Yiran Zhao Play more and play better: How play can improve children’s learning and mental health
Vidya Diwakar Armed conflict and the education of poor girls and boys in India

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