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REAL: Faculty Members

teacher in classroom, in from of chalk board with children holding their hands up to answer a question

image of staff member Professor Pauline Rose
REAL Centre Director. Measuring and addressing inequalities in education access and learning; teacher quality; non-state provision, financing.
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image of staff member Dr Benjamin Alcott
Educational access and learning inequalities in relation to poverty and gender; private schooling; programme evaluation; quantitative survey research methods.
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image of staff member Emeritus Professor Madeleine Arnot
Sociology of education; gender; citizenship studies; migration.
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Samuel AsareDr Samuel Asare
Education research in sub-Saharan Africa,Teaching and learning enhancement, Student engagement
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image of staff member Dr Pam Burnard
Cultural and creative learning; intercultural arts research; practicing social justice through arts education.
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Emma Cater

Dr Emma Carter
Psychology of education; accelerated learning; education in sub-Saharan Africa; educational evaluation; quantitative and qualitative research methods.
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image of staff member Dr Hilary Cremin
Education and peacebuilding; responding constructively to conflict; truth and reconciliation processes; restorative justice.
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Rob GruijtersDr Rob Gruijters
Family background and educational outcomes; Long-term trends in educational inequality; Private schools; Life course trajectories and economic inequality; Quantitative methods; China; Sub-Saharan Africa.
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image of staff member Dr Sara Hennessy
Improving quality of teaching and learning through professional development and digital technology use, especially mobile technologies; increasing participation in learning through classroom dialogue, reasoning and collaborative working.
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image of staff member Dr Riikka Hofmann
Teaching and learning; Social interaction in the classroom/workplace and learning through talk; Professional change, Qualitative and mixed methods in diverse institutional settings.
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image of staff member Dr Sonia Ilie
Educational access and learning inequalities in relation to socio-economic deprivation and gender; widening participation to higher education; quantitative survey research methods. 
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Padmini IyerDr Padmini Iyer
Education access and equity; learning metrics; 21st century skills; gender and adolescence; sexual and reproductive health; quantitative and qualitative research methods. 
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image of staff member Dr Louis Major
Uses of digital technology in education; leadership and professional learning; techniques for monitoring and evaluation; systematic reviews.
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Dr Rafael MitchellDr Rafael Mitchell
Pedagogy; teacher learning; community participation; educational leadership; school improvement; education in sub-Saharan Africa. Full Profile

image of staff member Professor Susan Robertson
Sociology and politics of education; transformations in the nature of the state, globalisation and education; the changing role of teachers' labour; uneven distribution of opportunities for learners, and its implications; mechanisms of education governance; agencies of global governance.
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image of staff member Dr Ricardo Sabates
Access to education; social benefits of education in international contexts; inequalities in education; quantitative impact evaluations in education.
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image of staff member Dr Nidhi Singal
Disability and poverty; teaching, learning and student outcomes in inclusive settings; ethics in educational research in Southern contexts.
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image of staff member Dr Pallawi Sinha
Comparative and development education; indigenous and childhood studies; ethics in education and research; politics of education; places and spaces of learning; arts, creativity and culture.
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image of staff member

Dr Arathi Sriprakash
Sociology of education; childhoods and poverty; pedagogy and teachers' work; policy analysis; postcolonial perspectives.
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image of staff member Dr Sue Swaffield
Leadership for learning; professional learning; head teacher/school principal support and development; critical friendship; assessment and evaluation.
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Elizabeth Tofaris Head ShotElizabeth Tofaris
Communications Specialist for the Impact Initiative; media relations, PR and public affairs, web and social media, strategic planning.

image of staff member Professor Anna Vignoles
Economics of education; equity in education; school choice; impact of school resources on pupil achievement and the socio-economic gap in pupil achievement; widening participation in higher education.
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Lydia WhitakerLydia Whitaker
Social and emotional development across childhood; Mixed methods research; Gender equality; Teacher effectiveness, quality education for all in Pakistan and India.
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Louise Yorke headshotLouise Yorke
Educational access and equity, social and cultural factors influencing educational pathways, the gendered experiences and trajectories of girls and young women, and school-to-work transitions.
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