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REAL: Faculty Members

teacher in classroom, in from of chalk board with children holding their hands up to answer a question

REAL Centre members

Faculty Members

image of staff memberProfessor Pauline Rose

REAL Centre Director. Measuring and addressing inequalities in education access and learning; teacher quality; non-state provision, financing. Pauline Rose full profile

image of staff memberDr Sonia Ilie

Educational access and learning inequalities in relation to socio-economic deprivation; widening participation and learning in higher education; evaluation; quantitative research methods. Sonia Ilie full profile

image of staff memberProfessor Ricardo Sabates

Access to education; social benefits of education in international contexts; inequalities in education; quantitative impact evaluations in education. Ricardo Sabates full profile

image of staff memberProfessor Yusuf Sayed

Global education policy and development; equity; inclusion; social justice; empowerment. Yusuf Sayed full profile

image of staff memberProfessor Nidhi Singal

Disability, poverty and education; teaching and learning processes in mainstream classrooms; student outcomes in inclusive settings; ethics in educational research in Southern contexts. Nidhi Singal full profile

REAL Centre Research Assistants and Associates Back to top

image of staff memberDr Mesele Araya

Access to early childhood education; Inequality of learning outcomes; Educational intervention programs - school grants and/or feeding; Impact monitoring and evaluation - mixed methods. Mesele Araya full profile

image of staff memberDr Hélène Binesse

Adult literacy; informal learning; health literacy and gender; mapping Foundational Literacy and Numeracy research in Sub-Saharan Africa; ethnographic study.

image of staff memberDr Emma Carter

Psychology of education; accelerated learning; education in sub-Saharan Africa; educational evaluation; quantitative and qualitative research methods. Emma Carter full profile

Luisa CiampiDr Luisa Ciampi

Gender; education; policy; communication; social change; interdisciplinary research; participatory research; knowledge transfer; climate resilience; social protection; teaching. Luisa Ciampi full profile

Daniel Hawkins IddrisuDaniel Hawkins Iddrisu

Disadvantaged students and higher education; inclusive, disability and higher education; crisis impact on disadvantaged learners; educational sociology; poverty, inequality and education; access, participation, and experiences of higher education; early childhood development; qualitative; and mixed methods.

Konstantina MaragkouDr Konstantina Maragkou

Economics of education; educational choices and outcomes; equality of opportunity in education, widening university participation; quantitative research method; evaluation. Konstantina Maragkou full profile

Laraib NiazDr Laraib Niaz

Inclusive education; disability; girls' education; role of religion in classrooms; construction of the self and other; qualitative and quantitative methods. Laraib Niaz full profile

Dr Dawit Tibebu TirunehDr Dawit Tibebu Tiruneh

Instructional design; systematic design of learning environments; 21st century skills; development and validation of instruments; quantitative research methods; Ethiopian General Education. Dawit Tibebu Tiruneh full profile

Dr Eunice Mueni WilliamsDr Eunice Mueni Williams

Exploring the effects of women empowerment in education outcomes; gender inequality in education access; promoting use of evidence in decision-making and policy development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Faculty Affiliate Members Back to top

image of staff memberEmeritus Professor Madeleine Arnot

Sociology of education; gender; citizenship studies; migration. Madeleine Arnot full profile

image of staff memberDr Hilary Cremin

Education and peacebuilding; responding constructively to conflict; truth and reconciliation processes; restorative justice. Hilary Cremin full profile

image of staff memberDr Sara Hennessy

Improving quality of teaching and learning through professional development and digital technology use, especially mobile technologies; increasing participation in learning through classroom dialogue, reasoning and collaborative working. Sara Hennessy full profile

image of staff memberDr Elizabeth (Liz) Maber

Teaching and research explores the relationship between education, social justice and building peace in international contexts particularly in relation to gender and intersectional experiences of social inequalities. Elizabeth Maber full profile

REAL Centre Project Support and Communications Team Back to top

image of staff memberSandra Baxter

Research uptake, knowledge management, learning processes, communications, international education and development

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